Some Basic Terminologies in Online Blackjack

It has been over three centuries that blackjack has claimed the favor of countless players from all over the world. What could be more stimulating than feeling your heartthrob with excitement every time you place a bet? If you have reviewed all the terms associated with the world of blackjack that we have exposed in our glossary, the time has come to take the plunge and register in one of the online casinos on our list official.

Deal – The dealer deals the cards to the blackjack players around the table.

Doubling – A blackjack player can make the decision to ‘double’ by placing an additional bet on the table. The player receives a new card in order to improve his hand without ever crossing the 21-point mark. It’s a ‘double down.’

Double Separation – After having made the first separation, the player is authorized to separate his hand again if he were to obtain other pairs. In other words, he would be able to play on 4 hands!

Duel / Heads Up / Heads On – In a Heads Up game, only one player will face the dealer.

Tie – There is a tie if the player and the dealer complete the round on the same number of points. Nobody wins or loses. The player recovers his initial bet sportbook Malaysia. It is a push.

Figures – These are the valets, the ladies, and the kings. Each deck of cards has 12 figures.

Wagering Limits – Each casino game has minimum wagering limits and maximum wagering limits. For example, the minimum amount of a bet that a player will have to place may be € 1, where the maximum amount may reach € 50.

Rigid hand – Unlike the flexible hand, the rigid hand consists of an ace, which counts only for 1 point. It is a ‘hard hand.’

Soft Hand – This is a hand that consists of an ace raised to 11 points and another card. If the player chooses to draw another card, the value of the ace will be demoted to 1 point. It is a ‘soft hand.’

Outstretched Hand – An outstretched hand refers to a poor hand that leaves the player only a small chance of winning. Generally, the hand has a value between 12 and 16 points, which a highly uncomfortable score since the player risks is jumping if he draws an additional card. It is a ‘stiff hand.’

Draw – Another expression for means around at the end of which there is neither winner nor loser. It is a ‘stand-off’ or a ‘push.’

Uniform Bet – Expression used to signify that a player systematically places a bet of the same value on each of his hands throughout the duration of a game of blackjack. It is a ‘flat bet.’

Perfect Pair – In blackjack, the player can potentially get two cards of identical value. A perfect pair consists of 2 cards of the same value and the same suit.

Bet – This is a synonymic term for a bet. When playing in real money, the player is required to place an initial bet at the start of the game.

Draw – This is another way of saying ‘shoot.’ If the player chooses to draw, the dealer will distribute an additional card to him. It’s a hit.

Point – This is a hand worth 17 points or more. In this case, it is not prudent to draw an additional card. Better to stop there. It is a ‘standing hand.’

First Base – This expression is used to designate the seat located at the far left of the blackjack table. Since the cards are dealt from left to right, the player who sits there will get the first card.

Discard Rack – Place where cards that have been removed from the game are placed.

Bet Report – This is a system through which casinos identify players who raise their bets when they have a favorable hand.

Stay / Stop – Action by the player who decides to camp on his positions and stay on his hand. In other words, he does not ask the dealer for an additional card.

Clog – Table accessory in which the cards are stored.

Split / Share – Action, which consists of the player separating a hand made up of cards of the same value to play on two different hands. It’s a ‘split.’

Spooking – It is a cheating technique formally prohibited in all casinos, which could cause the banishment of the player who engages in it. It is a person who sneaks behind the dealer to view his closed card and transmits the information to an active player.

Stick – In pontoon, this term means that the player is camping on his positions and does not wish to draw an additional card.

Basic Blackjack Strategy – This refers to the actions the player is asked to perform based on their own hand and that of the dealer. It is essentially based on mathematical probabilities.

D’Alembert system – Pyramid progression system frequently used by blackjack players. Please see our page dedicated to the different betting systems for more information on the pros and cons of each.

Tell Play – Refers to careful observation of the dealer’s and opponents’ expressions and expressions to try to determine whether they have a good hand or not.

Draw / Draw – Action, which involves the player requesting an additional card from the dealer. It’s a hit.

Third Base – Another term for the anchor, the seat located to the far right of the dealer.

Twist – Term borrowed from pontoon vocabulary, which means ‘to draw a card.’

Unity – This is the minimum bet that a blackjack player is allowed to place.

21 – It is the second most powerful hand in blackjack (after blackjack itself). It consists of at least 3 cards whose cumulative sum is equivalent to 21 points.

Wonging – From the name of professional blackjack player Stanford Wong, this is a technique that involves joining a game when he feels the table is favorable after a card count.

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