Pai Gow Strategy

You will have the opportunity to improve your chances of winning live casino malaysia by employing appropriate tactics. In the same way, as in blackjack, the implementation of certain strategic tricks will allow you to significantly reduce the house advantage. At Pai Gow, it all depends on how you put your hands,

  •   If you do not have the possibility of constituting a pair, a suit, or a suit, choose to place your 2 best cards in your hand of 2 cards.
  •   If you have a pair among the 7 cards that have been dealt with you, it is better to place it in your hand of 5 cards.
  •   If you have 2 pairs, we recommend that you place the weakest pair in your 2 card hand and the strongest pair in your 5 card hand.
  •   If you have 3 pairs, place the strongest pair in your 2-card hand and the other 2 pairs in your 5-card hand.
  •   If you were lucky enough to receive the joker, you should use it to complete a suite or form a pair.

Budget management at Pai Gow

Managing your budget effectively at Pai Gow is of utmost importance. If you place reckless and unreasonable bets, you will cause irreversible damage to your playing capital. Also, do not let it melt like snow in the sun.

Practice in the demo version!

Now that we have listed the basic rules and strategic advice, we urge you to get your hands on a free version of online Pai Gow poker before placing real money bets, in order to assess your degree of attraction for this game.

Play Pai Gow Poker for Real Money!

Characterized by its low house advantage and its calm pace, online poker Pai Gow will give you hours of relaxation. If you already know the rules and approach strategies, you might as well immediately put your skills into practice in an attempt to generate huge profits. If you are tired of playing poker in its classic form, why not try this variant? Check out our official list of the best online casinos that offer Pai Gow and sign up without wasting time!

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