Caribbean Stud Poker

Caribbean Stud Poker never ceases to arouse the interest of the gaming community and to gain popularity. A true hybrid between 5-card Stud Poker and blackjack, this is a casino game that harmoniously combines passion and fun.

It is a variant of poker that differs from its distant ancestor in certain aspects. For example, you have to play against the bank and not against other players. If you are a poker player who has never had the fiber of the bluffer, you will be amazed to learn that you will not have to use the slightest deception to mislead your opponents. Before diving into the world of Caribbean Stud Poker, we warmly invite you to consult this guide in order to discover the rules of Caribbean Stud Poker as well as the tricks intended to manage your budget wisely. The Web is full of online casinos. In fact, many players find it difficult to fix their choice on one of them. No need to panic! Experts from Let’s play at the Casino have delved into every corner of the Net to find the best online casinos that offer Caribbean Stud Poker in the range of their games. Consult our official list above and direct your choice to the one that best meets your expectations!

The history of Caribbean Stud Poker

We will not be surprised to learn that Caribbean Stud Poker was born in the West Indies. It was first introduced in the 1980s at ‘King International Casino’ before spreading like wildfire in other Caribbean casinos as well as on cruise ships. In the 90s, it appeared in Las Vegas casinos, which, for their part, added a progressive jackpot to encourage players to discover the concept. The reputation of Caribbean Stud Poker stems from its ability to keep players going for hours. The casino’s profit margin is quite low. As a bonus, you will have the opportunity to win huge bonuses and compete for a progressive jackpot. 

Progressive jackpots at Caribbean Stud Poker

If you have chosen to place a complimentary bet during the initial phase of the Caribbean Stud Poker game, you will be eligible for all or part of the progressive jackpot, which can reach staggering amounts. Everything will depend on the combination you have obtained. For example, if you get a straight flush, you will be entitled to 10% of the progressive jackpot. If you get a royal flush, you will be entitled to the entire progressive jackpot.

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